COIN geo-drop found

Hi, nice you have follow this link in the drop in COIN App!!!! You use te “coin with us” app en help to create the future. I hope that YOU have a great future!. #xyo #family we will MOON!

I am grateful that I started this journey, my first “good” experience in Crypto is with #xyo. I’m just a novice. But hope that with the profit, I can make a difference in many lives.

One question?

not everyone has given a referral in the coinapp ( )! you can still do this.

if this is still empty, please list me as a referent! use : nothing changes for you, but you help me with my mission. —->

I invest this income as a social worker in youth-care for a positive life and solving problems that arise in live. (breakfast for school, bicycle repair, school stuff, books, public transport etc) if I manage to get enough volume it is a nice “use case” where #xyo / COIN gives pleasure in the lives of more people, especially youth, who can realize a better future with a good start and foundation! I’ve been doing the work for years and notice that the government is becoming less involved, with all the consequences that entails.

Free advice! 😉

1. use the nfc or sentinal BT. the 12x or 10% you get means that the costs for the card or tagg are quickly recouped. Try a subscription, you will see if it is worth enough to stick to a subscription. I like this option and make more profit than loss.

2. Do you have an old phone lying around? You also earn well on homebase. (I have an average 200 COIN per day. (73,000 per year) apart from the extras as a bonus. Minimum €30,- on coins to redeem for. #xyo is now below 0.01, if it becomes 0.1. the €30 has become -> 300,-. but you have to see what you want. Do your way!

3. Test case: the same drive of 600km (No big geomine found on on both devices)

Basic with Sentinal BT, 540 COIN

Master with Sentinal NFC 12457 COIN.

I don’t drive these distances every day. So the Master version is not the most suitable version to make a profit. I will go back to Pro later this period. I made a profit, this is due to exchanging the coin for #xyo. If I can exchange 100€ for 200€ then I will. That’s how my profit is going now, over 250% as a minimum, and it’s growing every day!

You can help to give xyo a boost! Share #xyo and COIN on your social media platforms. make it a hype.

if you see how cryptos can rise in value via hypes, then that should also work with xyo. are you in !!