A church with in yourself

I believe, not specifically in a god, but in goodness. In a series of 5 styles I translate my faith in people, in the world and in the perspectives that faith can offer. Be yourself, let others be themselves too.
Seek connection by not looking at differences but at similarities.
Differences always exist, they arise from experience and thinking. Connection is secured in trust, forgiveness, and belief in the good.

Faith is essential in my work. Believe that no matter how complex and difficult life can be. There are bright spots that give courage. Perseverance where it is difficult, and keep going when everything goes wrong, because in the setbacks we also learn.

A gift can assign a special value. A gift is a deeper form of translation of connection.
Give this nft to someone who needs faith, support or just the feeling, I have seen you. Out of gratitude, or keep it for yourself, to reflect life.

This is a picture of the Church of Saint Catherine in Brussel, Belgium, which I shot while visiting with family. A translation of all kind of memories made in life. Made by multi layer pictures en ai generator.

A 6th adapted style is available in an edition of 5. I am giving these away and are my expression of faith. 2 Are destined before the minting. The 3 others will also find their way.

The price starts at a minimum. But will go up over time.

Experience and appreciate

I was in Brussels on the weekend of September 3-4. This was for a family trip with my father who is almost 80 years old. With our brother and sisters we have crossed the city. My father had written cartoon art on his list. That’s art on various walls in the city of cartoons. It is a form of street art that makes the city more beautiful. Strolling through streets also brought us to different neighborhoods and I also look at art and culture there. This trip was not only fun and enjoyable for the family. It has also helped me form my feelings and opinions about art. I take this experience into account when assessing the NFTs that I buy and sell. And this also affects the valuation that I do. An artist selling nft’s is the same as the artist hanging in the gallery. only different in the world where it is presented!.

watch out it stings

An adaptation of a stinging plant, with a basic tone of nature. In the images dull colors come to life as if you are dreaming. Prickly plants often produce beautiful flowers. I will send the 10 first buyers a still image with the size: 1440×1440 px Images and music are my own work.

Sounds come from 2 analog modules that I have at home.
The thistles are in a street I walked past. The shape, growth and hardiness that this plant has, and grows between tiles, caught my attention.

Link to objct

Walking in the dark

Behind this piece of digital work is the translation of the daily life. Editing of a photo of a part of a bridge, which I sometimes cross. Bridges are digitally indispensable, also in life of course. The home made sounds trigger emotions from the past. Of party’s and fun times. With a dark edge that is also made visible in the nft.

Thit nft is a translation an “bridge” of reality

Link to objct

blue eyes style #1

You see your world through your eyes. This is the case for both your inner and outer world. Your experiences and your DNA determine what you can see and how you see it. These beautiful blue eyes mainly see blue!

In my work with younger people, awareness is important.
Advice can only match the need if you look through the eyes of the other person. Colors are used in many ways as a translation of behaviour, thinking and ability. Blue often has to do with structure, clarity and communication.

this blue eye is also given away to 2 people who bought an nft from me. They have seen me, and I see them. And am grateful for that.

link to objkt.com