about me

My name is Maarten and I am behind Driven by Dreams.

Driven by Dreams originated as an expression of my will to make dreams come true and to inspire others to make dreams come true.
The intention was to do this with a methodology for young people. A methodology that helps in discovering one’s own strengths and talents. And also the ability to turn dreams into actions.

Now many years later I still work with young people, but Driven by Dreams has acquired a more personal value. I must not forget my dreams, and chase my dreams. Dreams I’ve forgotten and neglected, dreams that were in the closet because life was too hard.

Dreams are there to be chased, discovered and explored.

I was born (1979) in the Netherlands and still live there. I am raising 2 children (2005/2009) and I do this with pleasure. they are the monsters that I can never lose.
In my youth I saw and lived the raw edges of life, in my search for meaning in life I studied cultural and social education. In my circle of friends there ware many people with artistic talents and fascinating views on art and culture.
I have always stayed in photography, as a hobby and as an outlet for my life. Parties, meeting people, visiting weird festivals and looking for connection with the world and with me. Always clicking on the PC, taking photos, editing, fiddling with flash (adobe) interactive pieces of website in the past, making videos, and music. (analog) for fun.

With the advent of the blockchain and nft’s and inspiration from the world aroudn me, I made the step back to my creative self, I started clicking again, fiddling and experimenting.
I take you on my journey, in my discoveries, my failures and successes. Making things i like as nft’s.

I hope you can appreciate and experience the journey. Because if I can, then I’ll do what I can. Penetrate into the world of the other. Touch and amaze people. Like some do with me.

In my daily work I will always continue to help young people, this sense of purpose is essential to me. But I miss it, I miss touching, touching the soul in an unprecedented way.

I’m Driven by Dreams.