Driven by Dreams

Welcome to my web2 site. . Where I will describe a little backgrounds of the nft’s i make.
I am bad at language, and my mother tongue is Dutch. So you will encounter some errors. by translations.

I am quite new to the nft world my first nft’s are not art either, but utility tokens. I like it very much. But in art it is different. By @bzyrq (we have lots of $xyo fun search on twitter) I started thinking about making my own NFTs and collecting them. In July 2022, this led to the offering of art and the purchase of art via objkt #tezos blockchain.

Photography and image have always had my heart, at big music shows I always look for visual effects and a good VJ with a DJ makes all the difference. I hope that with the backgrounds it is clear that art is not just a picture, but the picture has a story. That is not always told, or experienced. I hope you enjoy reading the short stories.

The journey is more important than reaching the destination, is a beautiful saying in this!

In the near future I will also structure the website better. For now a more static page. Time is spent making art and collecting other people’s works.

Story’s menu

Behind every token is a story. That story is not always visible. That is why you will find stories on the website that match the tokens that I offer via objckt.

The stories are short. Because writing long stories is not that easy for me.

My collections:

It’s nice to collect some nft’s, I like to do that. Actually I want to keep them all. But I think that buying and selling is also good for the market. If I have gathered you art, and I put you art away. Then I do that because I give this nft a better “new home”. And then just buy new art.

some kind of monkey’s

We are all monkeys. I have 2 of those things at home, they also call them children. I often feel like a gorilla, I protect them, take care of them and feed them. I do this not only for my own children, but also in my work as a youth worker I try to get young people in the right direction. I teach them to discover talents, to develop passion for what they like and to draw their attention to the positive of life. Now some of them have already grown up, have a family and job and are doing well.

This series is based on old memories of encounters with monkeys. The styles in which they were developed is based on multiple layers of images generated via Ai. Complex layers, angles, lines and curves create unique images

They stand for strength, tranquility and inspiration. A lifetime of discovery, learning and development.

Plane style

At the time of writing, my father is still alive, I hope for many more years (1943). He has been crazy about airplanes all his life. As a young child I also went to airplane shows in the area with him.

The Planes series is therefore linked to this experience. Live your passion, it is important in live, I can now combine them, photos from the collection with visual graphic processing by me. This series will be further expanded with new variants. Old styles that are not sold will be burned from time to time. I hold 1 of them, to set the price target, now it’s bargains.

Buds are kicking

I smoke weed sometimes. where i live, you can. It has made me who I am and how I see the world. You will recognize the weed at some moments, but due to the adjustments I make and the edits that the photos undergo, you will regularly not see that the base lies in the plant’s buds. The buds are natural, the kicking comes from my brain en eyes they make thinks that no one had seen.

mainly 1/1 productions.

The name says it all, when you make art, you often make more than you think you make. you discover, suspect and unravel what is happening in front of you. I try to make 1/1 nft’s that don’t have a theme. Certainly not a trash can.

Treasure chest

A treasure chest? In my journey of discovery I make all kinds of things, because I like it and because then I give shape to my own style. Creations that fit there I throw in the treasure chest